About Bar 14 Ranch House Restaurant

In 1883 the Hoberman family arrived in the Kittitas Valley, August and Anna set up their homestead on 480 acres in the Fairview District located in the northwest section of the valley. This homestead eventually became the Bar 14 Ranch. Around the turn of the century they built the ten-room ranch house where they lovingly raised their ten children.

August and Anna were known for the generous hospitality and abundant meals. Anna used only the freshest and best ingredient to cook her family meals. All year long the best apple pies in the valley were found on the Hoberman table.

Today at the Bar 14 Ranch House Restaurant, you will find the same care and consideration taken by our cooks to prepare your meals. We hope during your visit at our restaurant, we have shared with you August and Anna’s hospitality and the beauty of the Kittitas Valley. We hope that you can drop in again soon. WE always look forward to seeing you. Thanks for visiting us!